United Flexible Expanding Product Sales to Current Customers

21 March 18

United Flexible’s Aero Engine company “Kreisler” has been supplying rigid tubes and complex components to Engine manufacturers for over 50 years. Combining this long-term relationship and United Flexible’s expanded product offering and design capability, it was no surprise that when a leading Engine Manufacturer had an extremely challenging time sensitive requirement for high temperature hybrid flexible hose assemblies, that they selected United Flexible’s center of excellence for Flex tubes, “US Hose Corp”.

United Flexible’s FlexTube Center of Excellence, has designed, developed, tested and qualified many customized sets of flexible metallic braided tube assemblies that are engineered to provide both vibration elimination and high temperature resistance, that are of a bespoke design to withstand the harsh environment of jet engine testing.

United Flexible’s breadth of capabilities allows these resiliently designed flex tubes to be manufactured in virtually any alloy but materials such as Inconel 625 and Hastelloy C-276 are heavily used. United Flexible’s design engineering team are adept in developing flex tubes for specific environments that will exhibit great durability and life cycle for a multitude of applications.

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