Engineering Capabilities

Female helicopter mechanics examining interior wiring

Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Structural Analysis capabilities – Solid modelling through finite element analysis using ANSYS to design robust components for critical applications
  • Custom tooling design – Experienced designers and engineers custom-design tools for efficient and repeatable processes
  • Flexible Component Design – Industry and regulatory derived standards and decades of tests and analysis
  • Sub-system and Component Aerospace Design – Meets or exceeds customer requirements with exacting tolerances and focus on efficiency
  • Additive Manufacturing – Generate rapid prototyping and production tooling to reduce design cycle
  • NADCAP Certified Evaluation and Testing – Radiographic, liquid penetrant, and others that are vertically integrated into our company
  • Contract Design Engineering – Allows our team to provide complex flow management solutions
  • Turbine Engine Architecture and Systems – Years of experience in designing and building components for demanding applications

Engineering Capabilities

3D Modeling

Engineered product solutions for your rigid and flexible requirements are designed in-house on customized software.


  • TruTops
  • Cero (Pro-E)
  • Siemens NX
  • AutoCAD
  • Unigraphics
  • IGES
  • Solid Works
3D modeling of flexible metal braided hoses

Engineering Software

Scotia Technology recognizes the ever changing technology required to interface with your programs and file types, and we have the engineering staff ready to support your manufacturing requirements.

CATIA File Translation Capabilities:

  • STEP (ISO 10303) AP203/214: import / export
  • IGES (ANSI Y14.26M): import / export
  • ACIS SAT 1.5-20: import / export
  • Parasolid XT 12-21: import / export
  • STL: import / export
  • VRML: import
  • AutoCAD DWG / DXF 11-2007: import / export
  • Autodesk Inventor 6-11: import
  • CADKEY 5-19: import
  • CADKEY CKD 20-21.5: import
  • Catia 4.1.9-4.2.4: import / export
  • Catia 5 R6-20: import / export
  • Pro / Engineer 16-2001: import
  • Pro / E Wildfire 1-4: import
  • SolidWorks 98-2011: import
  • Unigraphics 11-18: import
  • Siemens PLM NX 1-7.5: import
Cross-section diagram of a braided fluoropolymer tube

Graphics export can be to the following file types: TIFF, HPGL/2, HMF/HSF (HOOPS), WMF, CGM, BMP, DIB, JPG, GIF, and PDF.

Research & Development

Research and Development are part of our continuous engineering processes.

Activities Include:

  • Design Simulations
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • New Alloys
  • Flow Optimization
  • FEA
  • ANSYS 18.1
Male lab employees using microscopes


United Flexible offers prototype, PPAP, or First Issue products to our customer as they work through design and innovation of their new design. Throughout the prototype process, we will ensure a high-quality product that meets manufacturability standards.

Design Process:

  • Your team of engineers collaborate to provide insight into the proper design to ensure a quality and efficient solution
  • 3D printing is available, useful for rapid prototyping


Chrome environment with prototyping lab equipment

Tool Design

Our capabilities include the design of custom tools:

  • Tools can be designed to manufacture a specific custom product
  • Tools can be designed for a specific manufacturing process
  • If a tool does not exist, we will make it to ensure a quality end product is delivered
  • The tools can be designed for a one-off prototype or for high volume manufacturing
  • Software can be used to analyze the tool and ensure a high-quality part will be made

Note: Tool design is a part of our business, and we have been successful at developing the right tools for over 100 years.

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