Manufacturing Capabilities

Four braided hoses of different sizes sit underneath the United Flexible logo

Our engineering capabilities have a reputation for unsurpassed turn-around time; engineering, design and development; and product prototype assemblies to help get projects off the ground quickly to ensure rapid worldwide delivery of precision tube assemblies, fabricated ducts, synchronizing rings, and manifolds that are used in aerospace and industrial gas turbines.

With state of the art design software we can optimize every aspect of your design from component configuration to fixtures for fabrication control.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Bending Equipment

From simple single bend tubes to complex multi-leg assemblies and manifolds up to 2” O.D, United Flexible is ready to meet your tube fabrication needs for Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium and Aluminum. We maintain an abundance of machinery for tube bending, coiling and forming.


  • Tube Bending up to 2″ OD
  • Fabrication
  • Swaging
  • Flaring
  • Beading
  • Presetting
  • Flattening
  • Coiling
  • Brazing
  • Welding
Many tin soldered Landing Gear pipes lined up

Brazing Equipment

NADCAP Certified to assemble and braze to the highest industry standards of stainless, titanium, and copper alloys.


  • Induction Electrical Current Braze
  • Atmosphere Furnace Brazing (Outside Process)
  • Automatic Machine; Production, High Volume
  • Manual Prototype; Low Volume
  • Torch Oxy-fuel Brazing

Induction Braze Equipment:

  • (2) 20 KW 2-station w/controlled atmosphere chambers: Lepel brazing
  • (2) Ircon infrared heat detecting thermometers Braze to DPS10.914: RFC brazing
  • (1) 30 KW Solid State 2-station with coaxial attachments, programmable control: RFC brazing

Torch Braze Equipment:

  • (1) Torch brazing station

Approved Processes: AMS 2664, AMS 2665, ANSI AWS C3.4, AWS C3.5, Boeing DPS 10.914-1, Boeing DPS 10.914-4, G.E. CD02, M50T1, P9TF1, Goodrich RPS 11.79, Messier-Dowty DCMP 145, NADCAP, PWA 19, PWA-S-2664.

Welder working on the end of a large, braided hose

Tube Fitting

We provide a variety of tube wall thicknesses for stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium alloys for your tube fitting installation needs.


  • .250 O.D. Deutsch Permaswage 3000, 4000, and 5000 PSI systems
  • .250 O.D. Deutsch Lite titanium and CRES
  • Sierracin/Harrison 35235V04 and BACS13BX04HP ferrule 2 groove
  • .250X.016, .250X.020, and .250X.028
  • Dynatube internally swaged fittings
  • .250X.016 and .250X.028 titanium
  • Fittings: 7M523T4, 7M524T4, 7M525T0604, 7M526T4
  • McDonnell Douglas DPS 3.80-17
  • Boeing BAC 5001-4
  • Gulfstream PS500586E
Capped rigid tubing of different lengths laid out on a blue cloth

Note: We maintain equipment to support our customers’ requirement needs for external swaging, with installation capabilities for Deutsch/Deutsch Lite Permaswage®, Stanley-Harrison® elastomeric 2-groove, and cryogenic memory shaped metal fittings.


Whether prototype or full-rate production, our NADCAP certified welders are ready to bring your design concepts to reality in stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, or aluminum. In-house computer radiographic NDT inspection allowing for seamless in-process inspection of integral joints.


  • GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • TIG Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
  • Orbital Circumferential Arc Welding

Approved Processes: ANSI AWS D17.1; Boeing BAC 5975; Boeing DPS 10.225; Boeing DPS 10.301; Boeing DPS 10.322; Boeing HPBS-27-002 Orbital Weld CRES, Titanium, Nickel; Boeing HPBS-27-003 Gas Tungsten Arc Weld; General Electric CF01, M50T1, MIL-T-5021, P21TF6, P8TF11, P8TF3; Goodrich RPS 11.14; Lockheed / Northrop – Fusion Welding 2ZZP00013; L-3 MAS MPI 172-034, MPI 174-002; Parker BPS 4714; PWA 16-2, 16-3, 16-33, 16-333, 36951; Rolls-Royce EPS 14530, EPS 14535, EPS 14510; Sikorsky FWA – Aluminum – AWS D17.1; Sikorsky FWS1 – Corrosion Resistant Steel – AWS D17.1; Sikorsky FWT – Titanium – AWS D17.1; Sikorsky FWT1 – GTAW Titanium Alloy Hydraulic Lines – SS8758; and United Launch Alliance – AWS D17.1.

Man in a welding mask welds small metal attachments to a bent pipe

Braiding Equipment

United Flexible manufactures hose braid in a variety of metals that provides pressure capability and chemical resistance for its products.


  • Utilizing high speed winders and braiding machines, United Flexible produces for both machine braided hose braid as well as slip-off mandrel braids
  • Manufactured in metallic alloys 1/4″ diameter (6mm) and up, our braids provide coverage and security for the underlying corrugated hose with a multi layered approach to design and configurations that still allow for the greatest hose flexibility without sacrificing performance
A curved, braided tube with two circular ends

Build to Print

We offer the services of being a build-to-print manufacturer, supporting the aerospace industry for both commercial and military end use. We produce products according to the customers’ exact engineering provided  & specification requirements.

Standards Followed:

  • Our manufacturing process follow the AS9100 standards to ensure your build to print requirements are met
  • Utilizing AS9100 standards is an important step in avoiding any risk throughout the manufacturing process

Note: Our team of engineers and machine operators understand the most efficient and lowest cost process in delivering your build to print products.

3D composite of the inside of a hose