Open Positions @ Kreisler and Scotia

Want to join Kreisler Manufacturing or Scotia Technology?

Kreisler and Scotia provide engineered technologies to aerospace manufacturers, utilizing a close working relationship to ensure our engineered products satisfy safety and reliability requirements in extreme conditions. Kreisler and Scotia are exceptional equal-opportunity employers (EOE) offering:

  • Training with professionally developed careers (depending on available position)
  • Attractive compensation
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Short/long-term disability, with optional life insurance (with employee paid supplemental life insurance)
  • Paid holidays
  • 401k retirement plans

Our vision is to act as one body promoting leading innovative quality products beyond clients expectations, being socially responsible in working ethics and the environment, benefiting our investors and shareholders to achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and services to our clientele.

Business men and women holding colorful signs that say "Join Us"

Performance is defined by how we behave and the results we achieve that positively impact people, planet, and profit. Respect is both given and received; we will strive to listen to each other’s opinions while behaving with patience and compassion. Our agility stems from the empowerment of our people to develop resourceful solutions that are simple and innovative. Have passion for what you do; strive to be your best, foster enthusiasm with a never yielding positive attitude. We achieve alignment by creating a trusting environment where open discussions, productive conflict, and collaboration leads to a common goal.

Values are the foundation of our culture, and it’s our culture that makes us unstoppable. Live these values and:

  • Customers will be pleased;
  • Business will prosper;
  • Employees will benefit;
  • And the community will thrive.

There are no job positions available at this time. Please check back soon!